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- The Mixproof valve is a completely hygienic double sealing valve.
- This system allows for the simultaneous processes in the two bodies of the valve by providing
interface between the two fluids, preventing  contamination possiblity.
- The leakage chamber and the leakage detector can be cleaned by the seat lifting system.
- The mixproof is applied to food-processing industries, especially to the beverage and diary industries.


Working Principles:
- When the valve is open,fluid can pass through one body to the other.
Once the valve is closed, the double seat creates a circular chamber that isolates the bodies sealing them with double seals. It allows a CIP operation providing an interface between the two fluids, preventing the possibility of product contamination.
Due to the leakage detector any leak of a seat
seal is detected by the appearance of liquid at the bottom of the valve. The zone between the poppets and the seats is cleaned by pulsing the individual poppets when the specific line is being cleaned, the poppets are fractionally stroked by two additional limited movement pistons located within the main actuator.
- The valve is designed with over-pressure protection and prevent the fluctuation of water pressure to 30 bar

Working diagram:
- Valve closed
- The lower poppet remains close by main spring.
- Upper puppet remains close by intermediate spring and medium's pressure.
- Medium protected by double seals.
Interspace open to atmosphere.


- Valve open
- Main piston raised by air pressure to main actuator connection.
- Motion transmitted through central shaft to the lower poppet.
- Lower poppet engages on upper poppet.
- Leakage path to atmosphere closes.
- Valve fully opens.


- Upper Poppet Seat Clean
- Lower piston pulsed by air pressure to bottom air connection.
- Motion transmitted through outer shaft to the upper poppet.
- Degree of lift controlled by central threaded adjustment.
- Lower poppet positively held closed by main spring.
- Fluid in upper body passes to atmosphere over poppet seal and through interspace.






- Lower Poppet Seat Clean
- Upper piston is pushed by air pressure to top limit.
- Motion transmitted through central shaft to the lower poppet.
- Pressure simultaneously applied above main piston.
- Upper poppet positively held closed.
- Fluid in lower body passes to atmosphere over poppet seal and through interspace


- Parts in contact with the product: AISI 316L
- Other stainless steel parts: AISI 304
- Interior surface finish: Ra ≤ 0,8 μm
- Gasket (standard): EPDM in compliance with FDA 177.2600Options
- Gaskets: NBR and FPM (Viton(R)).
- Connections: DIN, SMS, Clamp, RJT…
- Control box C-TOP: electric connection, AS-I bus connection
- Surface finish Ra ≤ 0,4μm.
- Mixed body sizes: combinations of bodies with different diameters.
Design and features
- Available from DN40-1.1/2" to DN100 -4".
- Valves with normally closed pneumatic actuator.
- Forged spherical bodies.
- Compact design.
- Angular orientation 360°.


- Judge whether the gasket is broken by observing whether the liquid flows out on the
bottom of the valve.
- Easy disassembly by releasing the clamp.
- Weld connections (mm or inches).
- Balanced design.
Technical specifications
- Max. operating pressure: 10bar (for DN4"-DN100 valves - max.5bar )
- Min. operating pressure: Absolute vacuum
- Working temperature: -10 to 120 (140 for short periods or sterilisation)
- Compressed air pressure: 5,5bar - 7bar
- Air supply connections: R1/8" (BSP).

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