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ZH4 sanitary check valve is used in stainless steel pipe systems to prevent backward flow of fluids.

Operating Principle
When the pressure of lower valve stem exceeds that of upper valve stem and spring force, ZH4 sanitary check valve is open. When the pressure of upper valve stem equals that of lower valve stem, ZH4 sanitary check valve is closed. Greater reverse pressure acting on the valve stem causes the valve to close.

ZH4 sanitary check valve has two configurations.

ZH4-1 sanitary check valve adopts clamp connection method. It is affordable and widely used in food industry.

ZH4-2 sanitary check valve consists of a thickened valve body and two flanges, which is easy to install and remove.


Correct Installation Method


Pressure Drop/Capacity Comparison Diagram

Technical Data

Metal material

Product wetted

304L/316L (DIN-1.4307/1.4404) forged

Non-product wetted

304 (DIN-1.4301)

We can provide EN 10204 3.1B certificate.

Seal material




NBR, FPM, Silicone

All seal materials comply with FDA 177.2600.


Continuous working temperature

-20°C ~ +135°C (EPDM)

Sterilization temperature

150°C (Max 20min)


Opening pressure


Max working pressure


Surface treatment

Internal surface


External surface



Connection standards

Welding end: DIN 11850 series 2

Welding end: Inch pipe diameter standard

Connection methods: welding, thread, clamp, flange

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