SP2111.01 : Filter(Straight,Angle,Y Type) - DONJOY
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Hãng cung cấp : DONJOY
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Chất lượng : Bảo hành 18 tháng
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Filter are widely used in the auxiliary service for food processing, cosmetic, chemicals and pharmacy industries.
With high hygienic design, it mainly used to filter the particulates which will damage pumps and some other equipments.
Working principle
-  The filter is basiclly consist of inlet and outlet filter body, filter mesh installed inside for remain all particles equal or greater than mesh

- Fiter body AISI 316L AISI304
- Gasket EPDM FDA 177.2600
- Internal finish Ra < 0.8 μm
- External finish Mirror polish
Design and features
Several structures:
- Do not disassemble to clean the filter screen:
Angle fiter: inlet and oulet through the right angle
Material in and out through same direction.
- disassemble to clean the filter screen:
Straight filter: Material in and out through same direction


- Gasket: EPDM MVQ FPM
- Connection: clamp,thread, weld
- Standard DIN SMS RJT IDF 3A
- Hole Dia.: 0.5mm to 2.0mm
- Mesh size: 30 rits to 300 Grits
Technical Specifications
- Size:DN 25 - DN 150 1" - 6"
- Working temperature: -10 +120 (EPDM) 14°F 248 °F
+140 (SIP,30 ) 284°F
- Max. working pressure:10 bar 145 PSI


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