SP2113.01 : Pneumatic Actuator - DONJOY
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Hãng cung cấp : DONJOY
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Chất lượng : Bảo hành 18 tháng
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Vertical SS pneumatic actuator is mainly used to installed on angle travel valves, such as
butterfly valve, ball valve. Installation of position sensor and C-TOP can achieve control valves automatically.It's widely applied to the workshop requested high sanitary environment. Such as in food processing, beverage, pharmacy, beer industries, etc.

- Completely Stainless steel Material
- Normally open, normally close, air/air
- Single support, double support.
- Easy assemble and disassemble with valve
- Easy maintainace
- Pressure: 4-7 bar
- Connection size: □=Φ11*11, Φ10*10, Φ8*8, Φ12*8
- Control: position sensor: DC 24V NPN/PNP

- Intelligent control: electro connection. AS-I bus-mastering (refer to C-TOP catalogue)
- Weight: air/spring: 3.5KG; Air/air: 2.8KG
- Rotate angle: 90 degree
- Max torque (for 85 size): 35NM (air/spring). 60NM (air/air)
- Max torque (for 114 size): 80NM (air/spring). 110NM (air/air)
- Max torque (for 133 size): 150NM (air/spring). 220NM (air/air)
- Operating temperature:-20o C to 50oC
- Pneumatic connection: R1/8",G1/8"BSP.


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