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    Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meter

    The Doppler ultrasonic flow meter is designed to measure volumetric flow of liquid within closed conduit, the pipe line must be filled full of liquids, there must be a certain amount of air bubbles or suspended solids in liquid.

    Transducers are clamp-on or hot-tapped probe types, user don’t need to shut down the pipe flow when install the clamp-on transducers.


    For dirty liquids, a certain amount of air bubbles or suspended solids contain

    Excellent low flow rate measurement ability, low to 0.05 m/s

    A wide range of flow measurement, high flow rate can reach 12m/s

    Automatically signal gain adjustment

    Regardless of the clamp-on type or insertion type, don't need to shut down the pipe flow when installing the transducers.

    User-friendly configurations

    4-20mA and dual relay output

    Accuracy: 2.0% Calibrated span


    The flow meter operates by transmitting an ultrasonic sound from its transmitting transducer, the sound will be reflected by useful sonic reflectors suspended within the liquid and recorded by the receiving transducer. If the sonic reflectors are moving within the sound transmission path, sound waves will be reflected at a frequency shifted (Doppler frequency) from the transmitted frequency. The shift in frequency will be directly related to the speed of the moving particle or bubble. This shift in frequency is interpreted by the instrument and converted to various user defined measuring units.

    There must be some particles large enough to cause longitudinal reflection – particles larger than 100 micron.

    When install the transducers, the installation location must have enough straight pipe length upstream and downstream. Commonly, the upstream needs 10D and downstream needs 5D straight pipe length , where D is pipe diameter.

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