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Đồng hồ lưu lượng siêu âm | Dòng chảy trên kênh hở | Cảm biến đo mức siêu âm và Tốc độ dòng chảy | DMDF-OP-C Open Channel Ultrasonic Flow Meters | DYNAMETERS

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Hãng cung cấp : DYNAMETERS
Model : DMDF-OP-C
Chất lượng : Bảo hành 18 tháng
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Open Channel Ultrasonic Flow Meter


The flow measurement system operates by transmitting an acoustic wave signal from its transducer towards the liquid being monitored. The reflected signal or echo is received by the transducer and processed. The time between transmission of the acoustic signal and reception of the echo is measured, and using the speed of sound through air, the distance from the transducer to the liquid level is calculated. Flow through the channel or structure is then calculated from the level measurement and the user entered properties of the channel.


Multiple output: 4-20mA, RS485, Pulse output and two line Relay output

Display the flow rate, total flow and level directly

Remote installation is flexible

Complete in specifications, and can provide a variety of applications

Typical Applications

DYNAMETERS series DMDF-OP-C open channel ultrasonic flowmeter is designed for continuously monitoring the flow rate and total flow in open channel. It is suitable to measure flow under open channel condition of water conservancy, hydropower, environmental protection and other industrial and agricultural environment. The meter is built in EEPROM module, ensure that total flow will not be lost when power failure.

Instruments are also equipped with explosion-proof and anti-corrosion type level transducer specifically designed for petroleum and chemical department, it can meet explosion-proof area sewage flow measurement requirements of petroleum and chemical department, specially suitable for oil wastewater of flow measurement. explosion-proof class is EX iadiaⅡBT4.

We can provide customers transmitter with Parshall , triangular weir, rectangular weir, or design Weir plate size for free. In order to ensure the accuracy of flowmeter to be the greatest degree, and reduce the difficulty of debugging, please choose our weir plate (weirnotch) as far as possible.