SP0210.03 : Bơm cánh cam - DONJOY
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Bơm cánh cam - DONJOY - Lobe Pump / Rotary Pump
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Hãng cung cấp : DONJOY
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Chất lượng : Bảo hành 18 tháng
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Lobe pump with heat jacket
Lobe pump with heat jacket is widely used in application of chocolate, candy and gum which are easy freezing at room teperation or deteriorating at high temperature. According to process requirements,it can be with the front cover heat jacket or complete heat jacket.

Lobe pump with explosion-proof motor
It it with manual adjustable gearbox,the speed can be manually adjusted by handwheel in the gearbox according to  working condition.
Pump is 3A approval,3A certificate No. is 1570, gaskets comply with FDA177.2600.


Mobile lobe pump
Mobile lobe pump can move at any time to containers and pump products inside. Standard configuration is with  console, lockable mobile plate,mechanical avariable gearbox. Option: Console with built-in converter, frequency conversion motor (For more informtion,Please refer to lobe pump catalogue which you will find under this products)


Lobe pump with protected cover
The pump is designed with full protection, reducing dead angle due to irregular pump drive. Protective cover can also keep personal safety from motor.


Lobe pump with external safety valve
This pump can solve the problem due to congestion of pump outlet or other equipment and facilities which causes too high pressure. The device guarantees the case of no loss of material to keep pressure of pipeline stable and safe.


Lobe pump with built-in safety valve 
Lobe pump with built-in safety valve effectively reduced the possibility of pump breakdown due to other equipment's failure causes pipeline pressure excessing than the safety value during transportation.
Features: Relief valve automatically opens when the pressure exceeds the set safety pressure,it can also be pneumatic opened.
Options: air / air, spring / air, pressure from 1Bar-12bar


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