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Hãng cung cấp : DYNAMETERS
Model : DMTFW
Chất lượng : Bảo hành 18 tháng
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DMTFW Ultrasonic Water Meter

Series DMTFW Ultrasonic Water Meter is a battery-powered transit-time flow meter utilizing advanced digital processing technology. It conforms to EN1434 Standard. The meters contain no moving parts and don’t need any external power, with advantages of ultra-low power consumption, high accuracy and reliability. The meters are designed for easy installation. Commonly, it is unnecessary for customer to set any parameters in the application field. The meters have the same conduit length with industrial mechanical water meter but can be used just as conveniently as mechanical water meters.


  Integral transmitter suitable for harsh environments.

  Low maintenance no moving parts or flow obstructions translates into long-term stability.

  Very low minimum measurable flow velocity (0.003m/s).

  Self-adjusting transducer receiving circuit continually adapts for changing pipe parameters such as scaling

or corrosion.

  Fast response to flow transients, tracks flow rate changes better than electromagnetic meters.

  Available with optional infrared meter reading function (AMR).

  DC or Battery powered operates for over 6 years*.

  Unique housing design, rated to IP68.

  Flange /body formed as one integrated piece reduces possibility of leakage.

  On-board self-diagnostic function and fault indicator.



  High measurements precision.

  Long-term stability & accuracy over a wide range of conditions.

  High reliability and minimum maintenance requirements.

  Maintenance-free meter where no external power sources are available.

  Communications port permits transfer of data from remote stations to central HMI.



  Process control and instrumentation.

  Replacing high maintenance mechanical flow meters.

  Measure flow rate and total flow in water networks.

Technical Parameters

Technical Characteristics

Low power consumption, digital process technology with stable and permanent PiezoSeal TM sensor.


Conforms to EN1434 Class 1; Better than 1.0% (R);

Class B according to ISO4064-1


Better than 0.2% (R)

Sensitivity/Dead band



1)      total flow, flow rate, velocity, working time and date

2)      signal intensity, quality and battery status

Connection and output

1) RS485 (ModBus available)

2) 4-20mA output

3) GPRS wireless module available

4) OCT(open collector output) for total flow

All the output need external power supply (5VDC-24VDC) connected to 24VDC +, -, terminals.


Magnetic pole with reed and inside keypad available

Sampling period



Water or other liquids of -20C 121C

Environment temperate

-25 C 65 C

Other functions

1) Automatic circle display of commonly used value can be programmed.

2) Fault self-diagnosis detection, fault indicator.

3) Baud rate: 3001200240048009600, parity available

4) Store data of total flow of last 35 months

5) 8 digits negative/positive totalizes, inside 64 digit calculating

6) Data storing when power off

7) Other programmable functions

Power Supply

1) 3.6V lithium battery. Can work with 3.1V.

2) 9-28VDC


1) For recording data twice per second for pipe DN300, the consumption is 0.18mW

2) Water meter will enter into energy saving mode when the pipe is empty, consumption is only 30% as normal working.

Enclosure class

IP68, Can work under water, Nitrogen test for tightness has been already done in our laboratory.

Pipe size

Suitable for pipe size DN40-600, DN600-1000 are hot-tapped insertion type.

Flange connection

Flanges according to DIN, ANSI, JIS or other std. customer specified for smaller pipe size, pls contact factory.

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