SP0501.02 : SM-50 | SM-80 | Đồng hồ đo lưu lượng dầu | Bộ phát xung
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SM-50 | SM-80 | Đồng hồ đo lưu lượng dầu | Tích hợp bộ phát xung
SM-50 | SM-80 | PD Flow Meter with Pulser | DIGITAL FLOW | Flowmeter

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Hãng cung cấp : DIGITAL FLOW
Model : SM-50 | SM-80
Chất lượng : Bảo hành 18 tháng
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SM PD Flow vane Meter
SM Series Positive Displacement Vane Meter, it offers the measurement for custody transfer of petroleum, diesel products, aviation fuels, shipping fuels, and a broad of industrial liquids. SM series flow vane meters are mainly used in many industries.
Characteristics of SM PD Flow vane Meter:
1. Stepless adjusting mechanism allow a micro adjustment of the meter;
2. Special designed Manifold in line separates from measuring chamber to avoid stress coming from the installation;
3. Low head loss;
4. The flow meter has roto-blades for easy and low maintenance cost,And it features simple construction;
5. Wearing compensation to maintain a good accuracy all along the years;
6. Meter also for viscous products up to 800 Cst.
Application of SM PD Flow vane Meter:
The SM PD Flow vane meter can be used by oil companies for oil depots, refineries, gas stations and tank trucks distribution. And Its used in airports for aircraft refueling,in the army for depot reception or loading trucks, for ports in boats/barges, for administration for railway companies, and public transport and in private oil transport companies.
Manifold: steel or Aluminum;
Body: Ni-resist cast Iron;
Covers: Steel;
Rotor: aluminum;
Blades: carbon;
Bearings: stainless steel.
Technical Specification of SM PD Flow vane Meter:







Volume per Revolution

0.4L/0.08US Gallon

2.27L/0.5US Gallon

Max. Flow Rate

24M3/h or 400L/Min or 105US Gallon

80M3/h or 1333L/Min or 360US Gallon

Min. Flow Rate

2.4M3/h or 40L/Min or 10.5US Gallon

8M3/h or 133.3L/Min or 36US Gallon







Max. Operation Pressuer



Working Temp.

-40 ~+60

-40 ~+60

Max. Viscosity


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